• Borders & Infrastructure Security


Septier offers a series of comprehensive solutions for border surveillance and protection. Be it a land, sea or air point of entry, Septier can build a custom-made system for every border scenario.

Borders – Using several units deployed across a specified area coupled with a command and control server, the border system can detect, monitor and intercept traffic of cellular devices coming within range of a sensitive geographic boundary or zone. 

Check Point – Unique system designed to detect and locate cellular signals at border crossings (permanent or temporary). Can be linked with facial recognition or license plate recognition to build a profile for each individual or vehicle passing through.  

Sea Radar – Uses cutting edge location technology to detect maritime vessels in restricted areas at sea or near a shoreline 

Airport Defense – Recognizes and locates unauthorized cellular traffic in sensitive airport zones with limited or no access to travelers.

Tourist Monitor – Uses mobile devices, coupled information derived from the cellular network to track visitors entering from outside of a country 

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