SIM Boxes that fraudulently terminate calls into cellular networks account for significant voice revenue leakage of cellular operators.

Designed for last mile positioning of SIM Boxes, Septier SIM Box Finder provides an easy and effective way to physically locate SIM Boxes in the field.

Once this information is available, it is simply a matter of confiscating the SIM Box and any other equipment alongside it used for performing SIM Box Fraud.

Featuring Strength Point – Last Mile Positioning of SIM Boxes

Once the Septier SIM Box Finder has acquired the SIM Box’s subscriber lines, it allows the system operator to perform last-mile positioning on them and pinpoint their location.

This is done using the Septier Hunter™, a state-of-the-art Last Mile Positioning device. As the on-site teams close in on the phone, the target’s transmission power can be decreased to allow for “fine-tuning” of the homing-in process and avoid reflections of the emitted signal. This capability enables locating the target SIM Box quickly and efficiently.