• Septier Life Saver

Septier Life Saver

Septier Life Saver has been designed for providing support for life-saving operations in various scenarios. It provides users with the tools to both communicate and locate survivors in disaster zones as well as establish an independent cellular network for on-site communication in the event of damaged or non-functioning cellular infrastructure.

The Septier Life Saver allows emergency crews to communicate with survivors who have functioning cell phones with them. Such survivors may receive information essential for their well-being, describe their condition, communicate locations, and more. This can also, help the rescue teams in judging where to focus their efforts and how to continue their operations.

Featuring Strength Point – Positioning of Survivors

Septier Life Saver helps rescue operations by pinpointing cellular devices in the field. Active phones can be located using last mile positioning by using the Septier Hunter™, a
high-accuracy manual direction finder. This allows the rescue teams to locate survivors as fast as possible.