Septier Guardian Airborne

The Septier GUARDIAN™ is an integrated infrastructure developed entirely in-house that supports numerous applications for use by various customers, including LEAs (Law Enforcement Agency) and intelligence organizations, incarceration facilities, search and rescue units, and telecom operators. The GUARDIAN™ infrastructure provides two main application branches: Security & Civilian Applications.

One of the main advantages of Septier GUARDIAN™ is its adaptability, as it can be applied in different configurations and applications.
The Septier Guardian Airborne configuration enables various intelligence operations from the air within the unit’s operational zone.
It represents one of the many configurations of the GUARDIAN™ tactical system that is easily mounted on many platforms, including UAVs. In addition, its “easy to tailor” characteristic and flexible re-configurations, based on your operational needs, enables operators to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance operations smoothly and efficiently.

Featuring Advantages

By mounting a GUARDIAN™ on a UAV, different are the benefits of performing “in-the-air” operations:

  • Identity Mapping – Extracts 11 unique cellular identities for each detected device including IMSI, IMEI and more
  • “beyond the line of sight” – Extends the range of location operations to hostile areas that are hard to reach like: jungles, mountains, natural disaster sites or inaccessible zones.
  • High Quality Visual Feed – Through a built-in camera.
  • Multi-cellular technologies applicability – Supports 2G/3G/4G/5G (NSA)
  • Multi-Integration with Guardian – Seamless integration with other Septier GUARDIAN units.

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