• Septier GUARDIAN™

    Tactical, off-the-Air, Cellular Solutions for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

  • Cellular Access Management and Control

    Complete Control of Communication in Prison Environments

  • Positioning of Cellular Emergency Calls

    Accurate, Reliable, Any Network, Any Technology

As cellular communication become the main means of communications, more and more emergency calls are made on cell phones, turning the need for a complete, high accuracy solution for positioning such calls into a clear and urgent requirement. As a market leader in cellular location technologies, Septier Communication presents a unified solution for accurate and reliable positioning of emergency calls, available for any network and any cellular technology… read more

Usage of contraband cell phones in prison environments has dramatically increased over the last years and is considered a major threat to maintaining order within prisons and to preventing prisoners’ involvement in illegal activities both inside and outside prisons. Septier offers a holistic solution to control the cellular environment within prison facilities, disable illegal devices and track their location, and at the same time allow legitimate users to continue receive services without any interference… read more

Septier GUARDIAN™ is a unique suite of tactical, off-the-air, cellular products and applications (e.g. IMSI catcher, interceptor, etc.) for law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies. Introducing unparalleled technological flexibility, Septier GUARDIAN™ delivers an exceptional set of capabilities, manifested in each and every aspect of the system – capabilities, features, form factors and configurations… read more