Prison Authorities

Correctional facilities play a pivotal role in both rehabilitating diverse inmate populations and upholding security, intertwining punishment and rehabilitation. The internal threats of inmate violence and gang activities demand a comprehensive strategy addressing underlying causes, while external threats like prison escapes underscore the vulnerability of correctional systems, posing risks to public safety.

Embracing cutting-edge technology, these facilities employ surveillance systems, biometrics, and artificial intelligence to enhance security measures. Collaborative efforts between correctional institutions and intelligence agencies are indispensable for preventing and addressing potential threats, involving critical information sharing to fortify the nation’s security fabric. This symbiotic relationship facilitates early identification of criminal activities and affiliations, contributing to a holistic approach in securing national interests.

Septier has also built dozens of systems based on specific needs suggested by prison authorities and personnel, who are protecting some of the world’s most famous correctional facilities

The pool of solutions is endless:

  • Guard Tower – It is a cutting-edge solution for handling the challenges posed by contraband cell phones in correctional facilities, by providing monitoring, selective blocking and tracking of cellular devices in prison environments from a fixed installation.
  • Mobile Guard Tower – It provides several benefits over traditional fixed installations, which are high versatility and decentralized communication management, therefore making it a must solution for prison authorities. In addition, it provides tactical acquisition and protocol-based positioning of cellular devices in its area of coverage. While also enabling last-mile positioning for operational activity and IMSI Catching.
  • Wi-Fi Catcher – represents a very advanced feature to target specific devices or Wi-Fi hotspots and to restrict access. It’s important to have full awareness and control of Wi-Fi communications in challenging locations such as prisons by catching, analyzing, and blocking wireless networks and clients with ease.
  • Guard Talk – It revolutionizes inmate communication in correctional facilities with advanced AI and SIP Phones, enhancing security and operational efficiency. Its customizable call recording, AI-based features, and detailed call logs provide real-time insights, aiding in threat detection and investigation.

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