• Septier Cellular Extractor


The Septier Cellular Extractor is a tactical cellular acquisition and interception system and part of the Septier GUARDIAN™ suite of products. Septier Cellular Extractor intercepts calls, SMS messages, and data and extracts various information regarding cellular devices active in its coverage area. Entirely developed in-house, Septier Cellular Extractor excels in the flexibility of capabilities, features, and configurations.

On top of identity extraction information, Septier Cellular Extractor also provides interception capability of voice, SMS, and Data of acquired targeted devices. This also includes encrypted GSM traffic, as the system offers real-time deciphering. Moreover, SMS traffic may be altered and modified, influencing the knowledge and actions of targets.

Featuring Strength Point – Multiple technologies & Various Configurations

Septier Cellular Extractor comes in various form factors and configurations: a highly compact unit that fits into a jacket pocket for close contact covert operations; ruggedized suitcase or backpack portable units; vehicle-mounted for flexible deployments; and fixed, rack-mounted units for long-term operations. More unique configurations include motorcycle and drone-based configurations.

Moreover, specific configurations may be customized to specific customer needs, leveraging the fact that all system components are developed in-house. Furthermore, Septier Cellular Extractor is an all-in-one system that supports GSM, UMTS, and LTE technologies, including all relevant frequency bands in multi-cells configurations.

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