Introducing the Septier Wi-Fi Catcher, a revolutionary feature that represents a significant leap forward in wireless network dominance. Septier, with over two decades of specialization
in cellular communications, has now expanded their expertise to a new type of communication that is more and more becoming a popular one. Therefore, it’s important to have full awareness and control of Wi-Fi communications in challenging locations by catching, analyzing, and blocking wireless networks and clients with ease.

In today’s hyperconnected world, the misuse and exploit of Wi-Fi networks has become a real threat to many organizations. The Septier Wi-Fi Catcher is designed to meet these demands by providing an unprecedented level of control and analysis over wireless networks.
With its intelligent network analysis tools, and the reliance on the Septier Guardian tactical device, users can quickly and effortlessly discover and examine nearby networks and connected devices, making it easier to identify potential security threats and control the connectivity while retrieving important pieces of data coming from the Wi-Fi networks.

Featuring Strength Point – Countering MAC Randomization

Wireless network security faces a significant challenge: MAC randomization for user privacy.
This technique generates random MAC addresses for connected devices. The Septier Wi-Fi Catcher addresses this issue by making easier device management and allowing security forces to identify specific targets more effectively. By revealing the targets’ real identities, it becomes possible to associate specific Wi-Fi data with a specific target and the implementation of white and black lists for target management improves the accuracy of target identification.

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