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Police Forces

Police forces are part of the more general category of Law Enforcement Agencies.

Those departments worldwide have been some of Septier’s most loyal clients, with many of our solutions devised with their needs in mind. From the ability to lawfully intercept cellular traffic across networks to provide pinpoint positioning information on specific mobile devices, Septier systems are quickly integrated into the daily operations of these agencies.

Septier has also built dozens of systems based on specific operation needs suggested by field unit commanders and advisors. These units have made their way into top-echelon units, which protect some of the world’s most famous sites, individuals, and sites.

The pool of solutions is endless:

  • Guardian – This is a cellular polyvalent IMSI Catcher, that supports intelligence agencies via the recruiting of cellular identifiers and other data sources to be utilized for follow-up actions. Some of the features that can be deployed by the guardian are the following:
  1. Septier IMSI Catcher extracts cellular identities, locations, and other information from GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G devices in its coverage area, offering high-level intelligence for security operations.
  2. Septier Cellular Locator is a tactical location tracking solution that provides mass and accurate location information for cellular devices, using advanced direction finders also known as Septier Hunter.
  3. Septier Cellular Firewall provides access management and selective communication blocking for GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G devices, disabling unauthorized subscribers while allowing permitted ones to use their phones without interference.
  4. Septier Cellular Extractor is a tactical cellular acquisition and interception system of calls, SMS messages, and data, and extracts a variety of information regarding cellular devices active in the area.
  5. Septier SMS Blaster is designed to send SMS/Cell Broadcast messages to all mobile devices within its coverage range.
  • Magic Locator is a paradigm-changing, last-mile positioning system for the tactical location of cellular devices. The unit operates differently than other solutions on the market today by employing innovative AI algorithms to pinpoint the location of a cellular device.
  • SeptierWhere – is a robust and flexible cellular positioning infrastructure, which enables the deployment of location services by mobile operators.
  • SeptierWhere – E911 – is a phase-1 and phase-2 compliant E911 solution, providing a complete, high-accuracy solution for locating emergency calls.
  • Lawful Interception Monitoring System (LIMS) – is a multidisciplinary solution for the lawful interception of communication and monitoring of targeted content and metadata
  • Lawful Interception Mediation –  solution intercepts, collects, buffers, retains, and forwards communications from telephony and packet-based networks. designed for communications service providers needing to comply with local laws and regulations, the system is built to handle high volumes of information in a modular, scalable, and reliable architecture.
  • Anti-Drone – It offers a state-of-the-art solution for reclaiming control over your airspace, marking a significant advancement in security technology. Designed to precisely identify and monitor both unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their operators in real time, this system introduces an unparalleled level of aerial surveillance. It ushers in the promise of a drone-free environment, ensuring that your skies remain clear, secure, and under your command.

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