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Borders Security

It is known that over the last decades’ countries have been involved in finding efficient ways to protect their borders from all kinds of threats: illegal immigration, unlawful smuggling and trafficking of products, and terrorist threats.

In such a scenario, Septier offers comprehensive solutions for border surveillance and protection, no matter which crucial point of entry (land, sea, or air point of entry), by utilizing operational intelligence to monitor, counter and block potential illegal activities.

Thanks to the leverage of cellular networks and the retrieval of operational intelligence, border security departments managed to increase their performance and maintain secure access points to countries. The range of solutions requires the coordination of sensor arrays, ground and mobile forces, aerial assets, and data analytics.

The pool of solutions is endless:

  • Frontier – Cross Border – Using several units deployed across a specified area coupled with a command and control server, the border system can detect, monitor, and intercept cellular device traffic within a sharp geographic boundary or zone range.
  • Check Point Unique system designed to detect and locate cellular signals at border crossings (permanent or temporary). It can be linked with facial or license plate recognition to build a profile for each individual or vehicle passing through.
  • Frontier – Sea Radar Uses cutting-edge location technology to detect maritime vessels in restricted areas at sea or near a shoreline.
  • Airport Defense – Recognizes and locates unauthorized cellular traffic in sensitive airport zones with limited or no access to travelers.
  • Anti-Drone – It offers a state-of-the-art solution for reclaiming control over your airspace, marking a significant advancement in security technology. Designed to precisely identify and monitor both unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their operators in real time, this system introduces an unparalleled level of aerial surveillance. It ushers in the promise of a drone-free environment, ensuring that your skies remain clear, secure, and under your command.

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