Septier Checkpoint

The Septier Checkpoint, a part of the Septier GUARDIAN™ suite of products, is a tactical solution that extracts cellular identities within a predefined area of interest. When deployed in a vehicle or pedestrian checkpoint, the system allows for identity enrichment by linking cellular identities (i.e., IMSI and IMEI) with a license plate or facial recognition identities. When combined with Septier’s sensitive sensors, the system can also provide an accurate location of a cellular device within the area of interest.

The Septier Cellular Checkpoint allows defining known targets in advance and alerts the users upon target identification. This enables users equipped with a database of IMSIs and IMEIs to identify potential targets active in the area, collect additional information regarding them (either through other Septier GUARDIAN™ applications or other means), and pursue other operational measures.

The SCC’s accurate location capabilities, coupled with LPR and Facial Recognition technologies, allow the system to link between cellular identities and other sources of information. This capability enables security forces to enrich intelligence coverage on known and unknown targets.

Featuring Strength Point – Versatile & Various configurations and deployment options

The SCC is available in various form factors to serve different operational scenarios. From sealed closets and pelicans suitable for installations in fixed checkpoints to portable bag packs ideal for deployments in temporary checkpoints.
The SCC provides a complete solution for any cellular environment, including GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G (NSA) networks, through multi-cell configurations that can be tailored to specific customer needs.

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