• Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence Agencies recover nowadays a very important role in the security of countries and their populations. The collection, analysis, and exploitation of information are the main activities that involve the above-mentioned agency.

Moreover, different are purposes for which this data can be utilized, especially in support of law enforcement, national security, public safety, and other security objectives.

Septier systems have been designed for both large-scale and covert information-gathering operations. With units providing the capabilities to detect, selectively block and locate mobile devices and intercept cellular traffic, they can be used in countless scenarios.

Our cellular network-based solutions allow for nationwide or international data acquisition quickly and efficiently using specific, pre-determined parameters. The tactical solution line can be set up in known hot spots or used by field-based teams to remotely assemble crucial intelligence.

The pool of solutions is endless:

  • Frontier – Cross Border – Using several units deployed across a specified area coupled with a command and control server, the border system can detect, monitor, and intercept cellular device traffic within a sharp geographic boundary or zone range.
  • Frontier – Sea Radar – Uses cutting-edge location technology to detect maritime vessels in restricted areas at sea or near a shoreline.
  • Anti-Drone – It offers a state-of-the-art solution for reclaiming control over your airspace, marking a significant advancement in security technology. Designed to precisely identify and monitor both unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their operators in real time, this system introduces an unparalleled level of aerial surveillance. It ushers in the promise of a drone-free environment, ensuring that your skies remain clear, secure, and under your command
  • Guardian – This is a cellular polyvalent IMSI Catcher, that supports intelligence agencies via the recruiting of cellular identifiers and other data sources to be utilized for follow-up actions. Some of the features that can be deployed by the guardian are the following:
  1. Septier IMSI Catcher extracts cellular identities, location, and other information from GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G devices in its coverage area, offering high-level intelligence for security operations.
  2. Septier Cellular Locator is a tactical location tracking solution that provides mass and accurate location information for cellular devices, using advanced direction finders also known as Septier Hunter.
  3. Septier Cellular Firewall provides access management and selective communication blocking for GSM, UMTS, LTE, and 5G devices, disabling unauthorized subscribers while allowing permitted ones to use their phones without interference.
  4. Septier Cellular Extractor is a tactical cellular acquisition and interception system of calls, SMS messages, and data, and extracts a variety of information regarding cellular devices active in the area.
  5. Septier SMS Blaster is designed to send SMS/Cell Broadcast messages to all mobile devices within its coverage range.

In addition as a polyvalent & robust tactical device, it can be used based in different ways, therefore defining 2 main solutions that are based on the Guardian infrastructure

  1. Septier Life Saver has been designed for providing support for life-saving operations in various scenarios. It provides users with the tools to both communicate and locate
    survivors in disaster zones as well as establish an independent cellular network for on-site communication in the event of damaged or non-functioning cellular infrastructure.
  2. Septier VIP Protection is a unified, cutting-edge solution that assists police and security forces in protecting VIP houses from outside threats. This powerful system employs an evolved type of IMSI Catcher, also known as an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Catcher.
    Septier’s OSINT-IMSI Catcher is installed at the VIP premises while connected to a central server that runs AI-based analyses on the detected phones within the designated area. This solution also has an alert system for suspicious devices and threat detection, allowing operators to take appropriate action if required.

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