Septier’s Cell Broadcast Early Alert (CBEA) is a mass distribution medium of local information to mobile subscribers via cell broadcast. To promptly disseminate alerts to as many people as possible, the CBEA can send a consistent alert message through mobile communications. It can also send messages based on geographic criteria – i.e. in impacted areas only.
By using standard interfaces based on CAP, CBEA can also send a consistent alert message through multiple communication channels such as radio, television, landline telephone connections, internet, sirens, and private networks.

Key Features

  • Immediate/Scheduled Distribution – Allows messages to be sent out immediately or on a pre-programmed timetable, based on operational need
  • Multi-Language – Supports multi-language messages for areas with several official languages and/or a large tourist presence
  • Secure & Reliable – Highly protected from unauthorized access, data loss, and data manipulations and supports security audits
  • Scalability – The system is modular and expandable, supporting higher system capacity and input sources to support and include new services
  • High Availability – CBEA is designed to provide continuous service and be available 24/7.
  • The System offers several options for redundancy from local redundant components to topological redundancy.
  • Customizable – The system is easily integrated into existing network environments and operational workflows
  • Telecom-Grade System – Septier solutions reside on carrier-grade platforms, including industry-leading signaling and middleware
  • User-Friendly – Septier offers a simple, easy-to-understand Web-based portal which provides a clear overview of the system and the data it utilizes

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