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In times of crisis, Septier’s cutting-edge cellular solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing the speed and efficiency of emergency services. Our advanced location detection technology swiftly pinpoints the exact location of active cellular devices, providing crucial information for rapid response efforts in a tactical manner. Whether deployed nationally through existing cellular networks (strategically) or on the scene of a disaster, our versatile systems ensure seamless coordination and effective reach for search and rescue teams.

Septier’s solutions are tailored to benefit Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies, operating both on a national scale and locally.

Access to real-time location data of cellular devices becomes an invaluable tool, empowering EMS agencies to make informed decisions and optimize resources during critical situations. In emergency scenarios where every second counts, Septier’s cellular solutions act as a lifeline, bridging technology and emergency response. By leveraging the power of cellular networks, we contribute to saving lives and building a safer, more resilient future.

The pool of solutions is endless:

  1. Septier Life Saver has been designed for providing support for life-saving operations in various scenarios. It provides users with the tools to both communicate and locate survivors in disaster zones as well as establish an independent cellular network for on-site communication in the event of damaged or non-functioning cellular infrastructure.
  2. Septier Where – E911 is a phase-1 and phase-2 compliant E911 solution, providing a complete, high-accuracy solution for locating emergency calls.
  3. Cell Broadcast Early Alert  is a mass distribution medium of local information to mobile subscribers via cell broadcast.

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