Septier Magic Locator

The Septier AI Magic Locator is a paradigm-changing, last-mile positioning system for the tactical location of cellular devices. The unit operates differently than other solutions on the market today by employing innovative AI algorithms to pinpoint the location of a cellular device without the need for a complex tactical system or infrastructure.

The system does not interfere with the existing cellular network or services in any way while operating clandestinely, without any indication on the target device that it’s being positioned. The AI Magic Locator is the latest in a long line of quality positioning solutions produced by Septier for the past two decades.

Featuring Strength Point – No Complex Systems Required

Unlike other systems today, the Septier AI Magic Locator does not need to deploy a sizeable tactical unit or mimic a cellular network to position a device, rather it employs advanced AI algorithms to calculate the location using the data available in the cellular network. Operational teams need only the target’s MSISDN number and to be in its general area. Furthermore, the system does not broadcast in any way, keeping the network free from interference. This allows all subscribers, including the target device, to continue receiving regular, uninterrupted cellular service.

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