The Septier Cellular Locator, a tactical cellular acquisition and positioning system, is part of the Septier GUARDIAN™ suite of products. The system provides tactical acquisition and protocol-based positioning of cellular devices active in its coverage area, as well as enabling last-mile positioning for operational activity. Completely developed in-house the system excels in the flexibility of capabilities, features, and configurations.

Supporting various positioning methods, including GPS extraction from devices, the Septier Cellular Locator can generate high-accuracy positioning information of targets, all of which improve the chances of operational success during last-mile positioning. All the positioning information is updated in real-time to fine-tune the calculated location of the target and ensure that once the active stage starts, it will be as short as possible.

Featuring Strength Point – Integration with external security systems

The Septier Cellular Locator can cross reference extracted location and cellular identity data with information from facial recognition systems, license plate recognition systems, passport numbers, credit card numbers, and essentially any type of identity data. This correlated information is used to enhance the identities profile of acquired subscribers laying the foundation for better overall intelligence.

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