Septier Guardian

Septier GUARDIAN™ is a unique technological infrastructure providing a suite of tactical, off-the-air, cellular products and applications for law enforcement, security, and intelligence agencies. Septier GUARDIAN™ introduces unparalleled flexibility that delivers an impressive set of capabilities, manifested in every aspect: advanced, unique features, which are not supported by any competing systems; remarkable flexibility in form factor design and delivery that allows for specialized configurations; highly usable UI to simplify operations and minimize training time; and all-in-one development team that can meet specific and unique customer requirements with agility and swiftness.

Septier Guardian has the following Suite of Products:

  • IMSI Catcher – Identity Extraction
  • Cellular Extractor – Acquisition of cellular Traffic
  • Cellular Locator – Accurate on target location tracking
  • Cellular Firewall – Access Management & communication blocking
  • SMS Blaster – Tactical & Mass cellular communications

Featuring Strength Point – Unique Features

  • Conducting Operations From Long Distances
  • Advanced Location Capabilities
  • Versatile Configurations
  • Field Proven Product