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Septier IMSI Catcher

The Septier IMSI Catcher  (SIC) is a mobile, tactical system designed to extract cellular identities from mobile devices in its operational zone. The unit, which can be set up in any scenario, displays up to 11 different identifiers for each cellular device it recognizes, including Bluetooth and WIFI.  The IMSI Catcher can also detect the presence of all cellular phones in restricted areas where it is deployed and issue an alert if a predefined target device is identified.

The SIC comes in various configurations to meet many practical needs. It can provide advanced analytics, is easily integrated into other intelligence gathering systems, and works across all cellular makes, operating systems, and technologies, GSM/UMTS/LTE 2G/3G/4G/5G (NSA).

Septier IMSI Catcher acquires GSM, UMTS, and LTE cellular devices within its coverage area and extracts their cellular identities (IMSI and IMEI). Septier IMSI Catcher allows defining known targets in advance and may alert the system users of their presence. This enables users equipped with a database of IMSIs and IMEIs to identify potential targets active in the area, collect additional information regarding them (either through other GUARDIAN™ applications or other means), and pursue other operational measures.

Extracting the IMSI and IMEI of cell phones supports various operational needs. Comparing these identities to a known DB helps to identify targets and can be used by adding other abilities of Septier Guardian™ to monitor and intercept targets’ traffic, perform location tracking and active positioning, etc. Septier IMSI Catcher is valuable in different scenarios, such as border control or surveillance operations. It also serves as an essential tool to gather metadata and acquire new targets in a specific location.

Featuring Strength Point – No Complex Systems Required

Septier IMSI Catcher comes in various form factors and configurations: a highly compact unit that fits into a jacket pocket for close contact covert operations; ruggedized suitcase or portable backpack units; vehicle-mounted for flexible deployments; and fixed, rack-mounted units for long-term operations. Moreover, configurations may be customized to specific customer needs, leveraging that all system components are developed in-house. Furthermore, Septier IMSI Catcher is an all-in-one system that supports GSM, UMTS, and LTE technologies, including all relevant frequency bands in multi-cells configurations.

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