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Cellular operators must contend with several factors, from regulatory requirements regarding mobile positioning and Lawful Interception to the ever-present threat of fraud and theft of income; Septier provides an agnostic and comprehensive solution for these and many other challenges they face.

The telecommunication industry has always been on the cusp of change, and 2022 has been a year that’s amplified that position. It is ever-evolving, just as every aspect of how humans communicate. Our language, the medium we use to convey a message, our speaking style, and even our body language is ever-changing. This year’s top challenges in telecom looked a lot like they did to the Pony Express or Alexander Graham Bell when he introduced the first transcontinental telephone.

The solutions for Telecommunication operators that Septier creates can also be provided to Internet providers (ISPs).

The pool of solutions is endless:

  • SeptierWhere – is a robust and flexible cellular positioning infrastructure, which enables the deployment of location services by mobile operators.
  • SeptierWhere – E911 – is a phase-1 and phase-2 compliant E911 solution, providing a complete, high-accuracy solution for locating emergency calls.
  • Lawful Interception Mediation –  solution intercepts, collects, buffers, retains, and forwards communications from telephony and packet-based networks. designed for communications service providers needing to comply with local laws and regulations, the system is built to handle high volumes of information in a modular, scalable, and reliable architecture.
  • SIMBOX Finder – It represents a last-mile positioning device of SIM Boxes that fraudulently terminate calls into cellular networks and account for significant voice revenue leakage of cellular operators. There is provision of an easy and effective way to physically locate SIM Boxes in the field and once this information is available, it is simply a matter of confiscating the SIM Box and any other equipment alongside it used for performing SIM Box Fraud.

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