Septier Where™

Septier Where™ is a robust and flexible cellular positioning infrastructure, which enables the deployment of location services by mobile operators. Whether required for compliance with law enforcement requirements, for commercial location-based applications, or for meeting the need to accurately pinpoint the location from which an emergency call has been made, Septier Where™ is the solution.

The system supports many network technologies and positioning approaches and can also be deployed as a hybrid system that simultaneously enables the use of all technologies and approaches.

Septier Where™ is a scalable and modular system designed to be implemented in networks of all sizes and capacities.

Featuring Strength Point – Compatibility with all cellular technologies and positioning approaches

Septier Where™ is compatible with all popular cellular technologies utilized worldwide, making it an ideal solution for all cellular operators including those that have technologically hybrid networks. Septier Where™ has been adapted to handle vendor-specific versions of protocols and APIs, allowing for quick integration and short implementation cycles. The system supports both active and passive approaches as well as network-based and device-based positioning and a multitude of location calculation methods.

Septier Where – Versions

SeptierWhere is available in two forms:

  1. Septier Where™ – which represents a cellular strategic positioning infrastructure, which can be used to position one or multiple targets.
  2. Septier Where™ – E911 – which represents a cellular positioning infrastructure, which can be used to position emergency calls

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