Septier Cellular Airport Defense

The Septier Cellular Airport Defense system, part of the Septier GUARDIAN™ suite of products, is a tactical solution that extracts cellular identities within a predefined area of interest. The system enables identity enrichment by linking cellular identities (i.e., IMSI and IMEI) with facial recognition software and passport numbers. The unit can also be equipped with highly accurate location sensors to help pinpoint the position of suspicious cellular signals.

The Cellular Airport Defense system identifies any cellular device in a defined area of interest and alerts the user upon device identification. When deployed near luggage inspection and loading areas, it can also alert its user of an active cellular device inside the luggage.
Additionally, the system can define known targets in advance, alerting if they are acquired. This enables users with a database of IMSIs and IMEIs to identify potential targets active in the area, collect additional information, and pursue other operational measures. The system can also issue an alert based on preprogrammed criteria such as identifying SIM cards from foreign countries, device types, and more.

Featuring Strength Point – Integration of different data sources

The Cellular Airport Defense’s accurate location capabilities coupled with LPR, Facial Recognition technologies, and passport number registration systems allow it to link between cellular identities and other sources of information. This capability allows security forces to enrich intelligence coverage on known and unknown targets.

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