Septier Cellular Firewall

Access Management, Selective Jamming and Communications Blocking

Combining in-depth knowledge of cellular communications with sophisticated design approaches, the Septier Cellular Firewall (SCF) provides access management, selective jamming and communications blocking for GSM, UMTS and LTE. Unlike conventional jamming systems, the SCF disables cellular devices selectively, denying services for unauthorized subscribers, while allowing permitted ones to use their phones without any interference. Other personal communications devices are blocked using advanced, technology specific RF jammers that provide exceptional range with minimal power output. The SCF also provides identity information for acquired devices and helps with building the overall intelligence picture regarding devices in its area of operation. Used by prison and correctional facilities to disable the operation of contraband phones, the SCF can directly contribute to reducing crime and violence. Other facilities requiring similarly high levels of security can use it to ensure only devices belonging to authorized personnel can be used in them. Likewise, bomb squads faced with the threat of cellular operated RCIEDs can use the SCF to disable communication services in their vicinity to enhance operational safety when attempting to dispose of bombs and IEDs.