Septier Cellular Extractor

Acquisition, Interception, Location Tracking and Traffic Modification

Septier Cellular Extractor (SCE) is a complete tactical solution for intelligence collection of operational, in-field intelligence. The SCE is able to extract cellular and phone identities from devices within its coverage area, provide various types of location information about these devices and may be equipped with additional analytics capabilities to enhance the system’s intelligence benefits.

The SCE provides interception capabilities of cellular traffic, including voice, SMS and data, as well unique abilities to also intercept BlackBerry encrypted traffic. Various types of traffic may also be modified to manipulate targets’ knowledge and actions. Specific HW/SW add-ons are used for acquiring and locating UMTS and LTE subscribers (as well as forcing them into GSM) and decipher encrypted GSM traffic.

All these capabilities and more make the Septier Cellular Extractor an ideal, cutting edge, best of breed solution for all tactical cellular needs of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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