Septier Where – Strategic Cellular Location

Septier Where™ offers a dynamic and robust cellular positioning platform, providing mobile operators with comprehensive location services. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with law enforcement, enhancing commercial location-based services, or accurately pinpointing the source of emergency calls – Septier Where™ provides a comprehensive solution to a wide range of positioning needs. 

Empowering Precision with 5G

The system boasts exceptional versatility, supporting active and passive approaches, network-based and device-based positioning, and many location calculator methods. Septier Where™ is particularly adept at leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of 5G technology, which provides increased bandwidth and refined beamforming capabilities. This allows SeptierWhere™ to handle a large volume of data from a multitude of devices simultaneously. 

5G also boosts the system’s geolocation precision through methods like Enhanced Cell ID and Triangulation. These techniques take full advantage of 5G’s more compact network infrastructure and reduced cell sizes. 

Tailoring Solutions for Law Enforcement and Network Optimization

Septier Where™ perfectly aligns with all operator specifications. It’s specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of law enforcement agencies with precise tracking of target subscribers through an advanced active network-based module and a GNSS subsystem. For broader needs, such as the massive collection of information from all subscribers to bolster investigative capabilities, SeptierWhere™ employs a passive network-based array. This not only serves the critical demands of law enforcement but simultaneously delivers valuable data for the operator’s network optimization systems. 

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