Yaron Baratz, President and CEO

Yaron founded Septier communication Ltd. in the year 2000 and since then has been its President and CEO. Previously Yaron founded Phonet (sold to Vcon) and Cellebrite (sold to Sun Corporation in Japan), a global leader in mobile forensics and mobile lifecycle management solutions.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career Yaron worked in Teledata, a global provider of access solutions to service providers and IBM in the US in various sales and business development positioning.

Yaron holds M.B.A degree from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Yigal Abram, EVP Global Sales and Business Development

As Septier’s EVP Global Sales and Business Development, Yigal manages and leads Septier’s sales team and is in charge of all sales process in the company. Yigal is also responsible of initiating new business partnerships and collaborations as well as maintaining and developing existing ones.

During his twenty-five years career in the high tech industry, Yigal held numerous senior-level management positions in a variety of companies. Prior to joining Septier, Yigal was the VP International Sales of RAD, a market leader in telecommunications solutions, where he led the company in penetrating to several strategic markets and global accounts. Prior to that Yigal was the VP Sales and Business Development of Visonic, a global provider of security products and VP strategic sales of ECI Telecom and R&D project manager at Scitex.

Yigal holds an MBA from the Edinburgh School of Business and a BA in computer science and economics from the Tel-Aviv University.

Uri Savoray, CTO

As the company’s CTO, Uri is responsible for leading research of new technologies and their introduction into the company’s products portfolio. He also leads the company’s innovation team.

Prior to joining Septier, Uri was CEO of a software development house, and prior to that has founded, developed and sold Seal Systems Ltd., a start-up with an innovative electronic signature product.

Uri has an MBA from INSEAD, Fountainebleau, France, as well as an MSc and BSC in Industrial Engineering from the Technion, Haifa, Israel.

Andrey Antoni, VP Projects

As Septier’s VP Projects, Andrey is responsible for the timely and high quality delivery of projects to customers. In his role he manages several teams including the Projects Delivery team, the Procurement team, and Quality Assurance team.

Andrey has over 15 year experience in various development and operational positions in various companies in the telecom and security markets. Prior to joining Septier Andrey served in various R&D, engineering and project management positions in ECI, a global providers of telecom networking solutions and Personeta Communications, a provider of converged communications solutions.

Andrey holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Nir Fisher, VP Product

As Septier’s VP Product, Nir leads the company product team in initiating new products, defining products’ roadmaps and requirement and overview the various products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Nir has over 20 years experience in various companies and organizations in the telecom and telecom monitoring markets. Prior to joining Septier, Nir was a senior product manager in MTS (Mer Telemanagement Solutions), a global provider of telecom solutions to operators and enterprises.

Nir holds a BSc in computer science and a BA in European history from Tel-Aviv University.

Arik Moskovich, EVP and Chief Financial Officer

As Septier’s EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Arik is responsible of the overall financial management of the company, its financial reporting and disclosure practices, including financial planning, risk management and taxation. In addition, Arik has an overall responsibility for the legal and operations of the company. In his role, he oversees several teams, including Finance, Accounting, HR and Operations teams.

Arik has over 20 years experience in various financial positions. Prior to joining Septier, Arik served as Company Controller of RiT Technologies Ltd., a Nasdaq-listed company and a leading provider of converged IT infrastructure management solutions. Prior to that, Arik was Company Controller of MaxBill Ltd., a billing software company. Arik was also a Senior Auditor for Ernst & Young, one of the world’s largest financial professional services firms.

Arik is a Certified Public Accountant and has an MBA in Business Administration and Finance (cum laude) and a B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting (cum laude) from the College of Management.