LI Explorer Monitoring Center

Multiple Sources, Multiple Agencies, Any Traffic, Unified Monitoring

Designed for law enforcement and homeland security agencies fighting criminal and terrorist activities, Septier LI Explorer is built to handle high volumes of information in a modular and scalable architecture. Septier LI Explorer allows analysts to access all relevant intercepted traffic, research it, store it and report it. Field proven in many countries around the world, the Septier Monitoring Center is built for seamless integration to sources of any type and allows multiple agencies to use it in parallel, while maintaining strict security and data integrity.

Septier LI Explorer complies with the latest ETSI and ANSI (CALEA) lawful interception standards as well as additional specific regional regulations, facilitating swift deployment and integration, and complying with interception procedures and regulations. Integrated reporting and analysis tools allow the system to prepare evidence for legal prosecution or turn gathered data into valuable intelligence and conclusions.

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