Septier Hunter Airborne

The Septier UAV Hunter™ is a cutting-edge positioning device for UAV controllers, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The Septier UAV Hunter™ boasts a highly usable unified user interface, which requires minimal training time and advanced features and capabilities. Once a positioning session on a target device is active, Septier UAV Hunter™ provides quick and accurate detection of the targeted controller.

Septier UAV Hunter™’s innovative fast detection algorithms guarantee swift, accurate pinpointing, even in operationally challenging environments such as busy markets, bustling main streets, and even indoor detection of hidden devices. Its high sensitivity and long range enable safe operation in potentially risky environments, leading to significant operational benefits.

The receiver used by the Septier UAV Hunter™ is susceptible and robust, providing an operating range far superior to any commercially available direction finder and unmatched resistance to interferences caused by transmissions of other devices.

Featuring Strength Point – Compact Size

Septier UAV Hunter™ is a compact, highly portable device installed on lightweight drones, which can be fully controlled via a Smartphone, which makes him inherently inconspicuous, facilitating covert operations.
Therefore, without arousing any suspicions by people around.

Visual and audible indications allow the operator to blend in and zero in on the target without compromising the operation or exposing the activity to the mark too soon.

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