As a market leader in cellular positioning solutions, Septier’s portfolio extends to cover all aspects and methods of positioning cellular devices, strategic and tactical alike.

Septier’s strategic cellular positioning system include network based active platform that supports all methods and technologies and provides cellular operators with accurate, carrier grade performance compliant with regulatory requirements as well as providing commercial location based applications. Complemented with our device based systems (e.g. A-GPS platform), the system meets even the strictest accuracy requirements posed by regulations demanding positioning of emergency calls. Our network based platform may also include passive positioning of massive performance, allowing for big data location analytics encompassing all subscribers in a network

On the tactical end, Septier presents the Septier Cellular Locator, a tactical system for acquiring and positioning cellular devices. Complemented by the Septier Hunter and Septier Archer product line, a family of next generation positioning sensors, the challenge of last mile positioning of cellular targets is met with superior agility and swiftness. The Septier Archer may also be interfaced strategic positioning systems enabling RF based positioning in addition to network based, providing an additional layer of capabilities that ensures comprehensiveness and preciseness.