Septier strategic, network based family of products includes high end, robust solutions that provide Law Enforcement Agencies with lawful access to telecom networks’ information and traffic. The family includes both Septier LIMS, a state of the art Lawful Interception platform and Septier Cellular Positioning, a leading solution for tracking the location of cellular subscriber.

Septier LIMS  (Lawful Interception and Monitoring System) is a multidisciplinary solution for lawful interception of communication and monitoring of targeted content and metadata. Supporting both active, standards based interception as well as passive interception based on Septier’s various probing systems, Septier LIMS is a robust, carrier grade system, capable of providing LI services for any telecom and data network using any technology.

Septier Cellular Positioning Platform enables deployment of location services by mobile operators for any requirement and need. Whether required for compliance with law enforcement requirements, commercial location based applications or the need to accurately pinpoint the location from which an emergency call has been made Septier Cellular Positioning can meet the need. The system supports a multitude of network technologies and positioning approaches and can also be deployed as a hybrid system that enables the use of all technologies and approaches in parallel.