Septier Link Analysis     

Unveiling Connections, Generating Intelligence

 Septier Link Analysis provides law enforcement and intelligence with powerful visualization capabilities designed to unveil hidden connections out of huge masses of metadata. By using Septier Link Analysis, analysts and intelligence professionals are able to quickly and efficiently discover targets of interest, telecom and data devices used by them, places of interest and more. The generated intelligence can then be used as evidentiary infrastructure leading to prosecution, collect additional intelligence regarding ongoing cases or employ additional collection assets. Septier Link Analysis is able to collect metadata information from a variety of sources, restructure it and find various relations between defined entities on the fly. The system can refer to multiple contexts as linking elements, including telecom related identifiers, location metrics, timeline logic and more. The system may be integrated to various external systems such as Lawful Interception systems, intelligence processing systems and more to allow user to act upon the uncovered links, which are dynamically and conveniently displayed and provision information and commands to these systems.