• Septier Information Explorer

The Septier Information Explorer is a robust, high capacity platform designed for enabling law enforcement and intelligence agencies to extract meaningful information out of oceans of telecom originated metadata.

Collecting metadata records from a variety of sources, Septier Information Explorer fuses the information into a unified data set, allowing it to provide real-time analysis (singular event analysis) as well as offline data processing (aggregated events analysis). The system output can be in the form of alerts, reports, graphs or even provisioning actions (e.g. provisioning targets to an LI system installed in the relevant network).

The Septier Information Explorer also comes with Septier Link Analysis which provides its users with powerful visualization capabilities designed to unveil hidden connections out of huge masses of metadata. By using Septier Link Analysis, analysts and intelligence professionals are able to quickly and efficiently discover targets of interest, telecom and data devices used by them, places of interest and more.