• Septier Fraud Explorer

The Septier Fraud Explorer is a powerful, high capacity platform that enables telecom operators to detect and stop excessive usage, roaming abuse and other types of telecommunication-related fraud (premium rate services, cloning, internal, SMS, etc.).

The system collects data from multiple sources: Septier probes, billing systems, pre-paid modules, IN system or mediation devices. Combing this information into a unified database provides the Septier Fraud Explorer with unique analysis capabilities, consisting of real-time analysis (singular event analysis) as well as offline data processing (aggregated events analysis).

The system’s output can be in the form of alerts, reports, graphs or even provisioning actions (e.g. disabling entries in the HLR for subscribers identified as committing fraud). All these capabilities and more makes the Septier Fraud Explorer an ideal solution for telecom operators wishing to stop fraudulent activities and prevent revenue leakage.

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