Company Overview

Septier Communication Limited, founded in 1999, is a fast growing private company that serves customers worldwide. Septier Communication Ltd, provides innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions and products for various market such as intelligence agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Telecom and Internet service providers, etc. These solutions include, communications interception and analysis systems, cellular positioning systems, telecom resources protection and more.

Septier’s portfolio consists of various products, including the following main product lines:

    • Septier Tactical portfolio, featuring highly advanced tactical capabilities including off-the-air identity extraction, traffic interception, tactical cellular positioning, access management and presence detection.
    • Cellular positioning systems for operators including network based active and passive solutions for GSM and CDMA evolution networks, device based A-GPS systems and other highly accurate positioning capabilities.
    • Lawful Interception solutions for any kind of network – cellular, landline and data – providing active, standardized LI capabilities, passive LI based on network probes, mediation platforms, Monitoring Center and Analytics.
    • Managed Access products designed to provide secure facilities with capabilities to selectively block cellular traffic, perform tactical last mile positioning of cellular devices and disable various personal communications systems