The Crowd Controller is designed to provide support security forces handling large gatherings of individuals in a relatively small area. The system can detect all cellular devices and their identifiers while issuing an alert if it detects the presence of any predetermined target phone. It can also be programmed to block service to some or all detected devices.

Tactical teams using the Crowd Controller also have the option of pinpointing a specific device using the Septier Hunter, an extremely sensitive Directional Finder (DF). This “Last Mile” process, is done over a user-friendly heat map, which allows operators to find their target quickly and intuitively.

In addition, the Crowd Controller can intercept or manipulate voice and SMS traffic sent or received by devices or send out preprogrammed SMS messages to any or all detected cellular devices

The Crowd Controller comes in a variety of configurations to meet a wide range of operational needs. It can provide advanced analytics, is easily integrated into other intelligence gathering systems and works across all cellular makes, operating systems and technologies, GSM/UMTS/LTE (2G/3G/4G).