Septier IMSI Catcher mini

Purpose: IMSI/IMEI extraction and Tracking


Septier IMSI Catcher mini introduces a new age for tactical systems in the services of Law Enfocement and Intelligence agencies. This highly compact unit which fits neatly into a jacket pocket provides all the benefits of the GUARDIAN™ line of tactical systems and at the same time allows conducting close-up operations covertly while being located in the immediate vicinty of targets. Septier IMSI Catcher mini supports a multitude of applications such as Septier Cellular Locator for tactical location tracking and Septier IMSI Catcher for tactical identity extraction. Septier IMSI Catcher mini supports two GSM bands (900/1800 or 850/1900) or two UMTS bands (2100, 1900, 1700, 900, 850) inherently and runs on battery that lasts for hours. 


IMSI, IMEI Extraction for 2G, 3G Phones

Location Tracking for 2G

An Essential Tool for Support of Covert Operational Needs

Touch Screen Interface

Compact and Lightweight Fitting



IMSI, IMEI Extraction

Septier IMSI Catcher mini allows its user to extract the IMSI and IMEI of MS operating in its coverage area (as well as some additional data). This enables users that are equipped with a database of IMSI's and IMEI's to identify the potential targets active in the area.


Support of Operational Needs

Extracting the IMSI and IMEI of MS in the area supports various operational needs. Comparing these identities to a known database helps to identify targets and can be used, by adding other optional abilities of Septier Guardian, to monitor and intercept target traffic, perform location tracking and active positioning, etc. Septier IMSI Catcher mini is a valuable tool in different scenarios, such as border control and surveillance operations. Is also serves as an essential means of gathering metadata and acquiring new targets in certain location.



Septier IMSI Catcher mini
Septier IMSI Catcher mini
Septier IMSI Catcher Mini Features


·                  Fits into a Pocket

·                  Supports different applications

·       Location Tracking

·       IMSI Catching

·       IMEI Catching

·       Ring - Call to Target

·                  Highly Usable and Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface

     Battery Powered

Septier IMSI Catcher mini Technical Specifications

Operational Specifications



Supported Applications

Septier Cellular Locator, Septier IMSI Catcher

Identities Extracted


Location Capabilities 

Power reading measurements, Active Positioning (GSM)

Lists definition

Support for multiple groups of subscribers, import and export included

Targets Database

Included, import and export available

Operating range

Up to 100 meters

Storage size

Up to 16 GB

Battery time

Up to 1 hours


Technical Specifications



Supported frequency bands

Two bands of the following: GSM-850 (824.0–849.0 / 869.0–894.0), P-GSM-900 (890.2–914.8 / 935.2–959.8), DCS-1800 (1710.2–1784.8 / 1805.2–1879.8), PCS-1900 (1850.0–1910.0 / 1930.0–1990.0) or Two bands of UMTS (2100, 1900, 1700, 900, 850)

Transmission output power               

Up to 500mW

Signal Source

PLL synthesized

Power supply



Depending on configuration (directional / omni-directional)


19.4cm x 9.1cm x 4.1cm


573 gr

Operating Temp.

0ºC – 40ºC


5%-95% (non condensing)