Septier IMSI Catcher

Purpose: IMSI/IMEI extraction and Presence Detection


General Info: Septier IMSI Catcher (SIC) has been designed as a tactical solution intended to extract GSM entities. Based on the Septier GUARDIAN infrastructure, Septier IMSI Catcher provides its users with the capability of extracting IMSI and IMEI of GSM Mobile Stations (MS) that are active in the system's effective range.

Septier IMSI Catcher is the perfect solution for both extracting identities from MS in its area of coverage (when these identities are previously unknown) and detecting the presence of known cell phones in the area, notifying the system user about those phones. Septier IMSI Catcher can be equipped with an add-on 3G module that allows identity extraction for 3G cell phones as well. It has several configurations that allow meeting the specific requirements of every operation and are suitable for various working conditions.



IMSI, IMEI Extraction for 2G/3G Phones

An Essential Tool for Support of Operational Needs

Up to 4 GSM and 5 UMTS Bands

Compact and Lightweight Fitting



IMSI, IMEI Extraction for 2G/3G Phones

Septier IMSI Catcher allows its user to extract the IMSI and IMEI of GSM MS operating in its coverage area (as well as some additional data). This enables users that are equipped with a database of IMSI's and IME's to identify the potential targets active in the area, collect additional information about them (either through other GUARDIAN applications or through other means) and pursue other operational measures. When equipped with the optional add-on 3G module, the system also provides identity extraction for 3G cell phones.


Support of Operational Needs

Extracting the IMSI and IMEI of MS in the area supports various operational needs. Comparing these identities to a known database helps to identify targets and can be used, by adding other optional abilities of Septier Guardian, to monitor and intercept target traffic, perform location tracking and active positioning, etc. Septier IMSI Catcher is a valuable tool in different scenarios, such as border control and surveillance operations. Is also serves as an essential means of gathering metadata and acquiring new targets in certain location.


GSM and UMTS Bands, Various Configurations

Septier Cellular IMSI Catcher has several configurations: fixed, vehicle-mounted or carry-on. While fixed or vehicle mounted installations can be fed from an external power source, the carried unit performs for hours using a set of internal batteries that can be recharged or replaced when needed. The unit can be easily packed in standard bags or suitcases or mounted on a vehicle to allow covert operation in populated areas. Septier Cellular IMSI Catcher supports up to 4 GSM bands (850, 900, 1800, 1900), making it applicable to any site in the world that features an operating GSM network. The 3G module supports up to 5 UMTS bands (2100, 1900, 1700, 900, 850).

Septier Guardian IMSI Catcher Models
Septier Guardian IMSI Catcher Models
Septier Guardian IMSI Catcher Features






Identifies Extracted


Multiple subscriber groups support, import and export are included


Lists definition


Included, import and export are available


Targets Database


Depends on configuration, physical layout and electromagnetic environment. Maximal range can be controlled by user


Operating range


Depends on configuration, minimum 250GB


Storage size


Depends on configuration, up to 6 hours


Battery time





















Septier Guardian IMSI Catcher - Technical Specifications




Two bands of the following: GSM-850 (824.0–849.0 / 869.0–894.0), P-GSM-900 (890.2–914.8 / 935.2–959.8), DCS-1800 (1710.2–1784.8 / 1805.2–1879.8), PCS-1900 (1850.0–1910.0 / 1930.0–1990.0).

Two bands of the following: UMTS I 2100 (1920–1980 / 2110–2170), UMTS II 1900 (1850–1910 / 1930–1990) UMTS IV 1700 (1710–1755 / 2110–2155) UMTS V 850 (824–849 / 869–894) UMTS VII 900 (880–915 / 925–960).

Supported Frequency Bands

Depends on configuration (10 MW – 100W total).

Transmission Output Power

PLL synthesized.

Signal Source

Battery / 90 – 220VAC / 12VDC.

Power Supply

Depends on configuration (directional / omni-directional).


Depends on configuration.


Depends on configuration (the smallest unit weighs 900g, not including operator’s UI device and battery).


0ºC – 40ºC.

Operating Temperature

5%-95% (non condensing).